Akte Nummer : 16091901
Art des Verschwindens : Inquiétante/worrying

Cherie Nicole BARNES

  • Geburtsdatum : 30.07.1984
  • Geschlecht : weiblich
  • Nationalität : USA
  • Vermisst seit : 07.01.1987, im Alter von 2 Jahren
  • Land von Verschwinden : USA
  • Stadt von Verschwinden : Kansas City

Personenbeschreibung :

  • Höhe :
  • Harrfarbe : bruns / brown
  • Augenfarbe : bruns /brown
  • Korpulenz :
  • Besonders : Cherie est biraciale, à demi-africaine et à demi-caucasiennne et ignore peut-être qu'elle est signalée disparue/ Cherie is biracial: she's of half African-American and half Caucasian descent and might not even know that she's a missing child.
  • Umstände :
    • Cherie Nicole Barnes 2, missing from St Louis in 1987. Her mother was a prostitute who was found dead in the Mississippi River around the same time Cherie went missing, but there was no trace of her near her mom's body. She was last seen in January 1987 with her stepfather, Larry, who is currently in prison for armed robbery. Larry claims Cherie is alive and did not die when her mother did. He says she's being raised by relatives of his in Kansas City but this has never been proven.
    • If she is alive, she likely is unaware that she is missing.
    • Sa mère a été assassinée et son père a été retrouvé en prison. Le dossier de l'enfant reste non résolu.

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