Akte Nummer : 041230401
Art des Verschwindens : inquiétante/worrying


  • Geburtsdatum : 17.01.2004
  • Geschlecht : weiblich
  • Nationalität : FR
  • Vermisst seit : 24.12.2004, im Alter von 11 mois, presque 1 Jahren
  • Land von Verschwinden : Thailand
  • Stadt von Verschwinden : Krabi

Personenbeschreibung :

  • Höhe : 90 cm
  • Harrfarbe : bruns /brown
  • Augenfarbe : bruns /brown
  • Korpulenz :
  • Besonders : Deux taches angiomes une sous le pied et l'autre au mollet
  • Umstände :
    • Lily  has not been seen since the tsunami. The grandmother has received information from three different sources that her granddaughter is alive and living near Krabi. These sources, though hard to believe for some, seem worth pursuing because they have all come up with the same information. The latest information is that Lily is being held within a family situation with about six other children, one possibly a small european boy. Lily is shortly to be sold to an unknown buyer. The information is that she is being kept in a house with a small compound, with a cane fence around it, below the waterfall Huay To. The living area of the house is raised above the ground (like many Thai houses). We understand that the house is at the end of a track or road and you can go no further. It's possible that there is a wooden sign nearby, with an arrow on it. At this point it's necessary to go in the opposite direction of the arrow to find the house. The family now posses false papers for Lily. Her hair has been cut very short because of its tendancy to curl and look European.

    • Lily n'a pas été revue depuis le Tsunami. La grand-mère de Lily aurait pourtant reçu plusieurs informations convergentes que sa petite-fille vivrait près de Krabi, dans une famille comprenant 6 autres enfants, dont un autre petit Européen, dans une maison située dans une impasse, au-dessous des chutes Huay To. Lily serait sur le point d'être vendue à un acquéreur inconnu. La famille qui hébergerait Lily serait en possession de faux papiers. On aurait coupé les cheveux de Lily très courts, parce que, bouclés, ils indiquent sa provenance euopéenne.

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