Akte Nummer : 98093001
Art des Verschwindens : criminal / criminel


  • Geburtsdatum : 12.05.1974
  • Geschlecht : weiblich
  • Nationalität :
  • Vermisst seit : 24.03.1998, im Alter von 23 Jahren
  • Land von Verschwinden : Antillen
  • Stadt von Verschwinden : Curacao

Personenbeschreibung :

  • Höhe : 170 cm
  • Harrfarbe : brown / bruns
  • Augenfarbe : green / verts
  • Korpulenz :
  • Besonders :
    • Lives in Chesterfield, Virginie, USA
    • Domicile: Chesterfield, Virginie, USA
    • Amy Bradley has the following tattoos: a Tasmanian Devil spinning a basketball, on her shoulder; the sun, on her lower back; a Chinese symbol, on her right ankle; and a Gecko lizard, on her navel. She also has a navel ring.
    • Plusieurs tatouages de reptiles et un signe chinois sur le corps, un piercing au nombril
  • Umstände :
    • Amy was on board of the Rhapsody of the Sea ship. When she dissapeared the ship was coming to the harbour of Curacao (in the Antilles), south of the Carabeean sea near the Venezuela coast. It was really early in the morning, the 24th of March 1998. The family don't belive that Amy wanted to kill herself, she neither probably didn't want to run away so the family think Amy has been kidnapped.
    • Amy Lynn était en croisière au large du Venezuela, le bateau s'apprêtait à aborder à Curaçao. Sa famille ne croit ni au suicide, ni à la fugue. Elle favorise plutôt l'enlèvement

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