Switzerland also has an Amber Alert system


The Swiss alert is based on the French system.


Thanks to a campaign  from F.R.E.D.I encouraged by Franco Frattini (European Commissioner) and supported by the french authorities, Switzerland finally has an alert system.

More than 32,000 signatures were collected in support of this initiative.



Conditions defined for triggering the kidnapping alert were announced as ready for January 01. 2010

If all the conditions set by France are not acceptable, they are, for now at least, the standard:
The following conditions must be fulfilled to have the amber alert activated:

  • It was positively noted that an under-aged child has been kidnapped or there is a reasonable suspicion for it;
  • It must be assumed that the kidnapped person is seriously threatened to life or in it’s sexual or psychological or physical integrity;
  • There is enough reliable information in order that the alarm can be triggered with a reasonable chance for a successful localisation of the delinquent and / or victim.

For Switzerland:On what terms the alarm will be activated? (taken from the Swiss Federation SIte)

Five conditions are applied

  • One is certain that there is an abduction
  • That the case concerns a minor
  • That the child is in danger
  • That justice receives information to find the abductor or the victim  
  • That parents give permission to broadcast the information . This last condition was added for the Swiss system

While the responsibility to start an alert is Cantonal it is the only federal police who have the authority to trigger it. All formalities are in place as 01 January 2010.

Official Description  

You can Subscribe to receive SMS alerts

The police also end the alert


What is the origin of the term AMBER?

This started in America and is an acronym of America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response



European alert analyzed in Prague


International Conference on alert systems for missing children in Europe (Prague, Czech Republic), May 19, 2009


This conference aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices to develop and improve systems at national levell



Protection of children is one of the Czech Republic’s highest priorities in the area of justice and home affairs, with a direct connection to the motto of the Czech EU Presidency – “Open and secure Europe”. The Czech Republic continues in activities launched by the French Presidency that initiated a text of the Council Conclusions where it calls on the Member States to develop child alert systems at the national level.

The conference should be a particular interest for experts involved in implementing or developing child alert systems, including policy makers, public officials, law enforcement, NGOs and others. The participation is limited: 2 maximally 3 persons per country.

The main topics of the conference are:

– Problem of child protection, as regards missing and abducted children and the protection of the children against criminal offenders.
– Presentation national alert systems in GB (National Policing Improvement Agency), France, Greece (The Greek Centre for Missing and Exploited Children), Belgium, USA (ICMEC).
–  Presentation of the Czech scheme of alert system.
–  Outcome of the Czech Presidency child protection questionnaire (SIRENE).
– Better use of the SIS for the purpose of searching for missing children.

The conference has been conducted in English and Czech.


(3 persons represented Switzerland, F.R.E.D.I. was one of them, to own cost )





Always reported missing in Switzerland, some of them for a too long time

Update: 012.2015