The prosecutor’s office Osnabrück is investigating a 32-year-old because of dozens of sexual abuse of children. Some victims also come from Switzerland.

Because of the dozens of sexual abuse of children over the Internet, the prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück in northern Germany is investigating a 32-year-old man.

In an Internet popular platform for children, the perpetual man, under a false name, is said to have written to seven- to thirteen-years-old girls and boys and pushed them to send him nude pictures, the prosecutor announced today. He has also asked the children to take pictures and videos of sexual actions on themselves. At first the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” reported on the case.

Children seriously traumatized

During the contacts, the man is said to have turned out to be a young girl. Some of the children would have seen this as a kind of internet sex game with a girl of the same age.

The 32-year-old man had offered credits, an internal currency of the platform, said the public prosecutor, Alexander Retemeyer. The investigators go from 122 victims from Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Many of the children were seriously traumatized.

Fedpol provides administrative assistance

In Switzerland, “only single” children are affected, Retemeyer said at the request of the news agency sda. However, neither he nor the Bundesamt für Polizei (fedpol) made any details on the exact number of Swiss victims.

Fedpol had provided assistance in the case, a spokeswoman said on request. The affected victims could have been identified in cooperation with the competent cantonal or city police.

Law enforcement in the field of pedopharmed- ness is the responsibility of the cantons, which is why fedpol has passed on the report from Germany.

Not available

The films collected by the man had neither been shared or sold, said Osnabrück prosecutor spokesman Retemeyer. In the accused ‘s home, more than 600 childpornographic files have been secured.

With a 15-year-old, the man had also agreed to a meeting in a cab of a truck, which resulted in sexual actions, writes the «Spiegel». The man, who is to be accused shortly, threatens a several years imprisonment.

This article clearly demonstrates the risks of the Internet if there is no parental supervision