A personal site, a blog with photos and description of the family?

“I intended, like many others, to open a web page family with pictures of mom, dad, children, etc …

I prepare when I heard the news of the disappearance of the little Sara. He then came to mind that by opening these pages, we will greatly facilitate the work of predators: the photos there, mostly comments on favorite hobbies, activities, various addresses family members and even the address of the school attended by children!

What ignorance!

I think we parents need to be more responsible. A potential criminal may be a good idea of ​​the family with the information delivered on such home pages, it faces even know!

When one operates a search engine with the word “Family”, we receive millions of home pages. Is not the ideal situation to be quickly and easily identified? And yet, as users of such pages, we should know that misuse of their information is easy.

What if I want send family photos from the Net, it must be done by secure pages, the password is given to persons known. Better yet, we do not publish a photo of his home or on personal sites.”

Translation of a warning www.kidpolice.de (ceased operations)