The following is our suggestion for a model of contract, which you and your children could sign, if and when they wish to use the Internet.  You are of course free to modify any part of the contract.

Internet by its very nature is not completely free of certain negative side effects: Things like anonymous or unsuitable sites, risks of getting infected by computer viruses, etc. can be dissuasive to parents, but we believe, refusing your children the right to access the internet is not a good solution.  It is worth your while to teach them prudence – click here to see more about this subject (addressed to grown ups) , the same way you did when they were very small and had to learn about the cars, traffic and how to cross the roads for example.

Increasingly, as your children go through the learning process, they will come to depend on the internet as a source of information.  It is better that they get accustomed to its use gradually, rather than getting stressed out because of the fact that it is becoming almost impossible to circumvent the use of such tools.

Do not forget that your child can get around your prohibition by going to a friend’s or a girl friend’s house and surf the internet over there. Friends whose parents seem to be more “cool”.

However, if you wish, you could install filters – which can unfortunately have the adverse effect of barring access to some important information. This obviously would depend on the key words used when search engines are accessed.  -, We therefore recommend visiting This site has the role of providing internet users, and in particular, the parents, most up to date information on the subject of current methods of filtering and using tools which result from these searches.