“It is better a solidarity success than a solitary feat”

(“Il vaut mieux une réussite solidaire qu’un exploit solitaire”)

                                                                                                                                                                                Albert Jacquard


FREDI indicates Websites with the goal to help you in your search for help:

Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, GB, Canada, USA…

Some of hem are cooperating with F.R.E.D.I. and have a Facebook or/and a Twitter adress too.

It doesn’t mean FREDI does agree every content of those websites.

 CH Foundation helping in the search of  missing children, International (F.R.E.D.I). The only Swiss organization dedicated to the disappearances of minors of age and to the young adults until 25 years since 1995. Prevention of the disappearances
 Manuassociation FR Association for missing, minor and major persons
 APEV FR  Parents’ association of Children Victims (Association de Parents d’Enfants Victimes)
 ARPD FR  Assistance and Search for Missing persons (Assistance et Recherche de Personnes Disparues)
SOSENFANTSDISPARUS FR 116000, European Hotline for missing children
Solidaritealerte FR A voluntary group of mutual aid  intended to help those who wait for the return of a  missing person and who, very often, do not know how to make or to proceed.
Chi l’Ha Visto  IT A television program intended for the disappearances.
S.E.A.S.Y.P. GR The SEASYP association is specialized in the search for the kidnapped children  (by their parents) and placed in adoption in other families..
The Smile of the Child GR Greek  center to fight the phenomenon of the disappearance of children and their exploitation, based in Athens..
CHILD FOCUS BE Foundation helping in the search of  missing children and fighting their exploitation
NEDERLANDVERMISTE KINDEREN NL Missing and Exploited Children (Enfants disparus et exploités) in Netherlands
STOPLOVERBOYS.NU NL+DE This NGO can help disappeared girls who can be victims of “Loverboys”
INITIATIVE VERMISSTE KINDER DE http://www.vermisste-kinder.de/kontakt/
Itaka PL Foundation helping in the search of  missing children
National Missing Persons  GB
REUNITE GB Organization specialized in the international parental kidnapping
Missingpeoplezaginieni GB  Page Facebook
Enfants-Retour-Québec CA A non-profit organization the missions of which are to help parents(relatives) in search of their missing child and to educate the public to decrease the number of children’s disappearance
Fondation Cedrika Québec Shares the same goals as F.R.E.D.I.
Portal Kid, Brésil BR Educational institution of defense of children rights, fights(disputes) the disappearances of children and young people  
 Interpol Seules les disparitions récentes sont visibles sur le site
http://www.personnedisparue.com/enquetes.php FR  Site payant de détectives
O.P.I.  Office de Protection et d’Investigations  agence internationale, avec poste en Suisse (Valais)