Never publish your own personal details

Don’t use your own phone number or address when you print or distribute a missing child announcement.


This is to protect yourself, and your other children from curious, strange, or pernicious people

The only contacts to give are those of the Police in charge of the case. To report this on a National and International level, there are non-government organisations such as F.R.E.D.I who will also only give the Police contact. Later if available we can also link to a personal web site if the parents think that this will help. F.R.E.D.I doubts that these sites are really helpful as they have to be known to be visited.

Beware of hoaxes

Unfortunately there are many hoaxes concerning missing children.

Two websites below summarize these issues


USA site   

A recent case from the UK

fake Facebook story

Under Swiss ( and probably other countries law) the spreading of this false information is an offence.