1 Requests

1.1 Origin

Requests can be made to F.R.E.D.I by :-

  • The parents of the missing child
  • Public authorities (police, investigating judges, municipal or regional authorities and administrations
  • Other organizations that are similar to F.R.E.D.I or which perform a supplementary activity.
  • Don’t forget to include your photos. Three or four different pictures of the missing child, with at least one portrait. Make sure that any copyright issue has been dealt with.

1.2 Format

Whilst a written request is needed because of the requirement for a signed document it is always possible in urgent cases to request a missing person notice by e.mail provided that the required documents are sent later by post. When organizations meet the requirements of §1.1 they can ask F.R.E.D.I to copy information from other sites without further formalities.

2 Data

2.1 Information published

In addition to the details of the missing person the following is published
The contact details of the authorities in charge of the search
F.R.E.D.I advises against the publication of the address of the family who will have other things to deal with including the testimony of witnesses, interviews with journalists, or worse malevolent questions from strange people.
The parent’s details are kept secret and are not disclosed without permission.

2.2 Publication duration and costs

  • A missing person announcement remains on fredi.org until we receive reliable and credible information that the child has been found.
  • F.R.E.D.I handles the costs from the moment that the case file has been submitted. Any costs for the preparation of this file such as charges for photos, taxes for authentication, and postal or courier charges are to be paid by the applicant.

2.3. Parental Abduction

These cases are becoming more difficult to deal with especially in Switzerland where not all abductions by a parent are considered a crime. F.R.E.D.I prefers to give advice and referral to other organizations to move towards an amicable solution through mediation. Before any publication of a missing person notice the applicant must present a strong case to prove their rights. Publication is not free.

3 Other usages of the information provided

3.1 Data exchange

When a missing person notice is published details are sent to the Swiss Customs and other organizations similar to fredi.org