A symbolic LOGO

chenille signée

If a caterpillar is not disturbed, it will become a beautiful butterfly and fly away all by itself. Similarly, if a child’s integrity is not compromised, that child will become an autonomous adult.

* In discussing the subject of prevention, we stress a great deal on what the child feels in a particular situation. We often speak of antennas capable of sensing dangers; or internal voices which must be listened to.
* The cord represents an abandoned toy: A sign of danger depicting the abnormal interruption of the child’s activities. It is time to react and fast!
The smiling caterpillar is reassuring and gives confidence because there are people who can help
* And finally, green is the color of hope…
* That nothing drastic will happen
* That we will succeed in finding lost or abducted children in adverse situations

 Please see  Two Good Friends for information about Christine Racine, the designer of our logo