Response from M Flavio Cotti  ex Swiss Federal Councillor, head of the Department of Foreign Affairs 1997

Letter from Flavio Cotti

Twenty years later the only organization in Switzerland that deals with the disappearance of children is the private foundation F.R.E.D.I

Apparently work studies on these problems are easily lost at the bottom of a filing cabinet with financial considerations used as an excuse to do nothing. The Federation does not even subsidize F.R.E.D.I

All of our workers and management are volunteers since the start.



Indispensable partner of the Police

A quote from the Police in the canton of Vaud.

” I take the opportunity to congratulate the people who wave worked to realize, which is a vital partner today for the Police…

With best wishes..

Police cantonale vaudoise
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1014 Lausanne
+41 21 644 82 26
+41 21 644 80 29



Regognition from a Swiss Federal Councillor



 Recognition of the work by the tax authorities (in French)

After many hurdles, a lot of patience and an enormous amount of work  – the equivalent of more than a million CHF in working hours since the beginning of the project in 1995, the F.R.E.D.I foundation received tax exemption in July 2006. It is the wish of the Board of the Foundation that this encourages potential sponsors to financially or logistically support F.R.E.D.I