You can help us find them

Note: When the young person has been found, he/she remains one month on this page. Then he/she can be seen in statistics F.R.E.D.I. where only the first letter of the last name remains, with the date of the disappearance and discovery.

However, beware of hoaxes (fake news) that regularly return to the front of the stage, such as the disappearance of Aurélie BROUSSE, Ashley FLORES, Cassandra HUET.


A true disappearance notice must contain, at least, the date of disappearance and the reference to the authority in charge of the file


Before passing on a notification of disappearance sent by Facebook, apply these precautionary measures:


  • Copy the name / surname, followed by “disappeared” in a search engine,    
  • Check in particular the dates on the notice (yesterday, last week may be reminiscent of a hoax)    
  • To check if an official site – police, media, site specialized in this topic like F.R.E.D.I ….- mentions this disappearance and only in this case, share it.


Please, go to “derniers signalements et révocations


See also publication notices of other organizations

This list is simply given for information.We do not always have contact with the organizations to which we direct you.